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 Educational Decree-Rules edition

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PostSubject: Educational Decree-Rules edition   Fri Jan 11, 2008 10:28 pm


1. No cussing.
2. No nudity or/sexual images.
3. Absolutely no spamming!
4. Respect and be kind to everyone.
5. No swear words like damn or bloody, etc.
6. Feel free to report problems to the Admin and moderators.
7. No netspeak! I mean it!
8. The admin and moderator has the right to edit and delete your posts.
9. Be fun.

1. First warning-If you break more than five rules, it'll be a first warning.
2. Second warning-If you break another five rules, it'll be a second warning.
3. Third warning-If you break another five rules it's the third warning.
4. Gradual Ban-If you break too many rules, e.g. twenty rules you're banned.
5. Immediate ban-Spam once and you'll be banned.

Thank you.
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Educational Decree-Rules edition
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